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when Quebec vlogger Murphy Cooper invented a fictional rival for the hydro-electric energy service Hydro-Quebec last month, thousands of naive onlookers flocked towards the imaginary alternative, Hydro-Jeanson. However, its unlikely that unless you were watching the Tour De France live (which lets face it is pretty unlikely) then you would have missed this excellent piece of trolling from some random guy. They're the people who give you a frozen block of dollar bills when you tell them you want some cold hard cash for your birthday.

"And this guy is clearly one of the best community managers out there.". "Even the guy who made the Facebook page. Last summer, he released a faceless video where he revealed that the Saint-Laurent river had been sold to Americans by ex-Parti Quebecois premier Pauline Marois. It would be easy to dismiss Cooper's initiatives as attention-whoring or basic trolling, but there's definitely a philosophy behind the experiment. All they want to do is participate. Troll Face Quest 7/Troll Tube Guy troll boys that ur a girl (im a guy skin) troll mask guy the troll guy the troll guy troll guy the troll guy, troll Guy troll guy, banner recipe, give command # each tag /each.

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Dugal suggests this gullibility is inherent online. Part of the crochet jusqu'à appleton wi reason why his videos are so successful is that, deep down, you want to believe them.". People often feel cheated by the service, since its administrators make tons of cash for an essential and monopolized service. This single article pops up almost automatically under each new share of Murphy's original video. This is a state-owned monopoly. Nibali and his team were riding at the head of the race at some point when this dude decided to ride alongside them but off the official track of course and pull off a completely sick wheelie like a complete boss. They give me their phone numbers, their addresses. "They're all completely independent initiatives." Cooper told vice. Cooper has been doing this for a long time. I guess it sure beats people getting in the road trying to take selfies with the peloton. "I love recreating this sort of accident.

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