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This is a part of the Parallel Universal Dependencies (PUD) treebanks created for the CoNLL 2017 shared task on Multilingual Parsing. CTG 138K The Galician UD treebank is based on the automatic parsing of the Galician Technical Corpus (l/CTG) created at the University of Vigo by the the talg NLP research group. 10.08, le FCR soutient Jérémy Prieur! Dargwa 1 - Nakho-Dagestanian Dargwa treebanks Mehweb. See here for comparative statistics of Dutch treebanks. Maltese 1 2K Afro-Asiatic, Semitic Maltese treebanks mudt 2K Please add a summary section to the treebank readme file Language documentation The language hub documentation has not yet been created or ported from the UDv1 documentation. Yavrumyan at the Yerevan State University. Thai 1 22K Tai-Kadai Thai treebanks PUD 22K This is a part of the Parallel Universal Dependencies (PUD) treebanks created for the CoNLL 2017 shared task on Multilingual Parsing from Raw Text to Universal Contributors: Hans Uszkoreit, Vivien Macketanz, Aljoscha Burchardt, Kim Harris, Katrin Marheinecke.

Wolof 1 - Niger-Congo, Northern Atlantic Wolof treebanks WTB. Afrikaans 1 49K IE, Germanic, afrikaans treebanks, afriBooms 49K. Pnar 1 - Austro-Asiatic, Khasian Pnar treebanks PTB - UD Pnar-PTB is a conversion from the Ring (2017) dataset that underpins a grammatical description of the Pnar language (Ring 2015, t/10356/62519). Russian 4 1,247K IE, Slavic Russian treebanks GSD 99K Russian Universal Dependencies Treebank annotated and converted by Google. Chez Global.O.S, le phygital illustre parfaitement notre offre, et les retailers sont aujourdhui en qute de cette double expertise. 27.05 D2F Victoire à Limoges! Bulgarian 1 156K IE, Slavic Bulgarian treebanks BTB 156K UD_Bulgarian-BTB is based on the hpsg-based BulTreeBank, created at the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Italian 4 502K IE, Romance Italian treebanks isdt 298K The Italian corpus annotated according to the UD annotation scheme was obtained by conversion from isdt (Italian Stanford Dependency Treebank released for the dependency parsing shared task of Evalita-2014 (Bosco. Contributors: Verginica sites de rencontre chrétiens gratuits seniors Barbu Mititelu, Elena Irimia, Cenel-Augusto Perez, Radu Ion, Radu Simionescu, Martin Popel Repository master dev readme Treebank hub page Download Nonstandard 137K The Romanian Non-standard UD treebank (called uaic-RoDia) is based on uaic-RoDia Treebank.

Galician 2 164K IE, Romance Galician treebanks TreeGal 25K The Galician-TreeGal is a treebank for Galician developed at LyS Group (Universidade da Corua). Leung at City University of Hong Kong, by finely transcribing three films shooted by students from the School of Creative Media. ParTUT 55K UD_Italian-ParTUT is a conversion of a multilingual parallel treebank developed at the University of Turin, and consisting of a variety of text genres, including talks, legal texts and Wikipedia articles, among others. Erzya 1 Erzya treebanks UD Erzya is the original annotation (CoNLL-U) for texts in the Erzya language, it originally consists of a sample from a number of fiction authors writing originals in Erzya. Next versions of the corpus imply a review of the results of this initial version.