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concentration camp during the, second World War. He belonged to the lodge acso III and was deputy secretary of the Grand Orient of Belgium ( Grand Orient de Belgique ). He died on 5 December 1944. The Emslandlagercamps were a group of camps whose history is represented by a permanent exhibition in the Documentation and Information Centre. Nacht und Nebel, german : Night and Fog prisoners. Jean De Schrijver, was a colonel in the Belgian Army. Luc Somerhausen died in 1982 at the age. He was arrested on 28 February 1942, arrived at Untermansfeld April 1944, and died there on Jean Sugg was born 8 September 1897 in Ghent and was of Swiss German origin.

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The original seven Freemasons of Loge Liberté chérie were: Paul Hanson, luc Somerhausen, jean De Schrijver, jean Sugg. Franz Bridoux, former prisoner in Esterwegens Hut 6, the founding members of Loge Liberté chérie were Rochat, Sugg, Hannecart, Hanson, Somerhausen, Degueldre, and Miclotte. De Schrijver and. Freemasons and resistance fighters founded the Masonic Lodge. More than hundred prisoners were in Hut 6, and locked up nearly around the clockallowed to leave only for a half-hour walk per day, under supervision. He was also member of the lodge les Amis Philanthropes. Hut 6 was used for foreign. This article is about the Masonic Lodge.

On propose le nom Plånkü, lit XXL livré avec couple libertin (à monter soi-mme à la maison!). Peut-tre un futur partenariat #placelibertine? Un sujet intéressant, non? Et puis on partage une publication de France Cul-ture, on se la raconte un peu.